Operations Management

The Operations Area of the Department of Industrial Engineering cultivates, transfers and generates relevant knowledge in the field of Operations Management, which contributes to the training of our students and improves the decision making and management of organizations from a pertinent vision of Industrial Engineering. This is a management field that deals with establishing actions for the generation of the value proposal of organizations and that it is materialized through the delivery of goods or services to customers, safeguarding the effective and efficient use of resources in the fulfillment of the purposes of the organizations. The focus of the area in the Department of Industries integrates the management of the supply chain, that is, the management of the flow of goods and services from its origin to the final customer, as well as the management of the operational risks associated (Operational Risk Management) to the performance of assets and support processes of the value proposal.

In this field, quantitative and qualitative techniques are used to support the improvement of processes, as well as the strategic, tactical and operational decision-making. These techniques and tools, such as mathematical modeling and programming, data analysis (Analytics), management sciences and related methods give rise to the body of knowledge in the areas of Operations Management studied by our area: Operations Research, Quality Management, Operational Excellence Models and good practices and the Management of Physical Assets and Reliability Engineering, among others.

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